This website has become the new home of the wonderful and exciting Jupitris game. Here, you can read all 7 adventures of the team, with more to come later.

I started Jupitris about March of 2005 and it's been a long trip here, as I developed my own gaming system for the setting, the Awesome System and prepared it for publication by Firestorm Ink. The eight months of gaming have given me more than enough data to improve the game and many happy memories. I'd like to officially extend thanks to Romosome, Burrito Al Pastor, terra, Keiro Ghost, Lee-Ham, Kazz, Dephlostigated, Meikai, Almighty Bean and everyone else who made the game possible.

For conveinence of reading, I've marked especially good sessions with a (+) after the title and especially bad sessions with a (-). Enjoy the logs!

November 30, 2005